What diseases are spread by rats

What diseases are spread by rats

Its no secret that rats spread disease, they have been blamed for the plague after all. A rat infestation is a serious business and this is why.

Rats, like most rodents, leave droppings that can cause bacteria to spread. It can get on your food, cause allergic reactions and more. Some of the diseases spread by rat feces include:

What diseases are spread by rats

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Hantavirus: a potentially life-threatening disease that humans can catch from rodents. They get infected by exposure to urine and infected droppings, usually through inhalation. The rat’s saliva can also carry this disease so don’t try cuddling with rats. The chance of getting these diseases increases dramatically when the animals are in your house. 

Bubonic Plague: who wants painfully swollen lymph nods! No one? That’s what I thought. If you want a terrible fever and headache while slowly dying then play with rats. If not, then don’t go near them.

Salmonellosis: this kind of food poisoning is spread from rodent feces. When humans eat contaminated food they experience diarrhea, fever and abdominal pain. That’s why you need professionals when you have a rat problem. 

Now if rats are inside, it’s guaranteed that they are also outside. So, while the technician does his external inspection of the property, he will also be looking for signs of external rat infestation, often in the form of boroughs and chewed plastic garbage bins. To battle this the technician will install multiple Large, tamper-proof, locked and weighted bait stations containing commercial-grade Rodenticide that will send those rats to an early grave. 

That’s just the beginning. After the external inspection, the technician will enter the unit and perform a thorough internal inspection of the house to find the points of highest activity, and when those points are found! Pow! We set up an unbeatable extermination network of snap traps that no rat can outsmart. Within one week the population will be devastated and activity will drop like a rock. After the third or fourth week, the infestation will be gone, with no lingering smells and no more fear that you’re sharing your home with rodents! 

All of this only takes one to two hours! So, you can get back to what matters to you!

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