What causes rat infestations at home

What causes rat infestations at home?

Rats are attracted to warm dry places and preferably one with a food source. They will go to great lengths to find one. They will chew through almost any material to get into your home because your home has everything they want. But unlike mice who set up shop and stay in the house permanently, rats will sometimes leave the property to hunt. 

causes for rat infestation


It is best to contact rat control Burlington in the Greater Toronto Area to declare your home rat-free as soon as possible!

If your house is cluttered it makes it much easier for rats to enter, hide and find food and makes it harder for you to get rid of them or even to know they are there. And make sure to call a plumber because any sort of water leakage is like a beacon to rats, calling them to invade. And obviously, never leave food out unless you want to be completely infested. Lucky for you we have a professional option to get those rats out!

Most rat infestations start from a back door left open or a garage left unattended. Once they finish their inspection, they will write out a quote to repair any entry points found for a very reasonable price. 

Now if rats are inside, it’s guaranteed that they are also outside. Rats outside will chew up your garbage cans and electric lines and even your foundation. They can wiggle into tight spaces and chew through plastic and metal siding. They really are little terrors. 

Now rats can also get in to your house through existing structural damage. This is why proper upkeep of the property is important. Rats take advantage of open spaces, any open spaces that may lead to warmth and water. So if you have leaky faucets you need to get a repair person in to fix them asap or you may end up with a rat infestation.