What can I plant in my garden to keep wasps away

What can I plant in my garden to keep wasps away?

Bees are the primary pollinators of the world. Without them, our world would slowly die off as flowers and plants would stop reproducing. They are a very important member of the ecology of the earth and that is why most extermination companies refuse to kill them. That is not the case for wasps. Wasps do not have any interest in your garden aside from the insects that are already inside of it. They are carnivores for most of the spring and summer while they lay their eggs and feed their young. In the later fall, they will start to look for sweet foods, yellowjackets will raid beehives and steal honey but solo wasps have more trouble getting sweet things in the wild. However, in the suburbs, it is very easy. There is food all over for them, all the leftovers and things spilled by the children it’s a wasp wonderland. They will happily live on your property, solo wasps and most of them will stay far away from you and just enjoy the garbage can every morning. 

What can I plant in my garden to keep wasps away

If you see an increase in wasp activity taking place around your property, contact wasp removal Burlington for quick and safe removal. 

Most wasps go through a simple life cycle. Large nest wasps will die off in the winter leaving only the queen and her new queen daughters. They will leave and hibernate for the winter, pregnant with eggs. They will then each start their own new nest. All of which could end up on your property. This is why it is so important to kill every large nest you find on your property, don’t wait for the winter to kill them off because it will just make it worse. 

Now, large nesting wasps, yellowjackets, and others are not building a nest on your property just to get access to your garbage. They are workers and their nests have tens of thousands of wasps in them. They are focused and driven, unlike solo wasps which are more relaxed in general. Paper wasps, bald-faced wasps, and paper wasps fall into this group and they are not a serious issue and can be killed or removed by the owner, no exterminator necessary. Yellowjackets however build large nests in walls or underground. They are hard to discover and often are found by accident when a lawnmower runs over their nest. This is not a good situation because they will come out in a swarm and attack everyone nearby. If you have a large nest on your property, stay away from it, don’t try to remove it, call a professional at Wasp Control, our at heights trained technicians are licensed and insured and ready to kill the nest, remove it and destroy it with the span of an hour.