What are the effective rat control solutions?

What are the effective rat control solutions?

Rats are a nightmare. They chew through everything and they are very unsanitary with your food. So how can you control the influx of rats to a private home? You have two choices, do it yourself, or hire an expert. If you want to do it yourself you’re going to have to start by sanitizing the area. Take away their food. Seal your garbage container and wash your dishes right away, making sure to clean the sink after. Remove clutter from your home, especially boxes that rats love to chew on. Clutter helps rats hide and spread. How are animals getting in? Walk around your house and see if there are any holes or ways a rat could get into the house and then seal it tight. If you can stop the rats getting in then it will be easier to quell the population inside. 

What are the effective rat control solutions

Got a rat in your house? Contact professional rat Control in the Greater Toronto Area as soon as possible.

But if you really want to get rid of your rats you need to hire a professional. At The Exterminators Inc. We have everything we need to get rid of your rat problem for good. 

Our technicians are experienced in handling rat issues. We will perform a full external inspection of the property and lay down external large weighted rat bait stations in places of high activity. We can then find points of activity inside your home and place humane, quick acting snap traps to handle the rats and ensure that you don’t have to deal with the smell of rotting rat corpses in your walls.  

All of this only takes one to two hours! So, you can get back to what matters to you!

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