What happens to rats after they eat poisoned bait

What happens to rats after they eat poisoned bait?

A bait station is not a trap, it does not trap the rat. The purpose of the station is to stop pets and children from accessing the poison’s bait. This prevents accidental poisoning. 

It is best to contact rat control Burlington in the Greater Toronto Area to declare your home rat-free as soon as possible!

What happens to rats after they eat poisoned bait

The rat consumes the rodenticide poison in the bait traps and become lethargic and thirsty. They will then try to find a place either with water or their nest where they will rest. Either way it is likely they will die in a hard to reach place and that will result in a terrible smell and health dangers. That is a problem.

Getting rid of rats should not cause your house to smell. That is why we at The Exterminators Inc. Use snap traps to capture rats and prevent them from dying somewhere they can’t be reached. 

Most rat infestations start from a back door left open or a garage left unattended. The technicians will do an inspection of the external property, when they finish their inspection, they will write out a quote to repair any entry points found for a very reasonable price. 

If you have rats insde your house you also have them outside your house. So, while the technician does his external inspection of the property, he will also be looking for signs of external rat infestation, often in the form of boroughs and chewed plastic garbage bins. To battle this the technician will install multiple Large, tamper proof, locked and weighted bait stations containing commercial grade Rodenticide that will send those rats to an early grave. 

The technician will then move inside the house and find the point of highest activity. He will set up ana series of snap traps at points of highest activity. Within one week the population will be will be dramatically reduced. After the third or fourth week the infestation will be gone, with no lingering smells. 

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