Managing Rat Nests Found Under Your Deck

Managing Rat Nests Found Under Your Deck

Are there rats scurrying around in your deck? Rats are ghastly creatures that like to take advantage of our backyards for their shelter and proximity to food. While they may seem rather harmless outside, rats risk contaminating your soil with infectious diseases and they will try their best to get indoors. Your yard will lose quality over time and if they get inside the house, they will cost you hundreds, if not thousands, in repairs. Contact Rat Exterminator Burlington today if you’re worried about rats under your deck.

Rats are attracted to decks because they provide the animals with easy access to the home and yard. Crumbs and garbage may also accumulate in this space. If there are rats living under your deck, you may have heard shuffling sounds coming from within, especially at night. Other signs of a rat infestation include droppings and burrow holes in the yard. Rat droppings are brown pellets about half an inch long and are usually found in clusters. Burrow holes are typically 2 to 4 inches wide and appear smoothly compacted from use. Gnaw marks on the edges of the deck may also point to an infestation of rats.

If you are unsure of what you are dealing with, try setting a live trap just outside your deck. It is rats, after all, you will need to use rodenticides to eliminate them. Place bait stations that are specifically designed for rats around the deck and wait a few weeks for them to work. Once the rodents have consumed enough rodenticide to be sick, they will retreat into their burrows to perish. You can then remove the siding of your deck to clean out any nests or dead rats that are in there. Wear disposable gloves and a mask. Disinfect everything you touch before throwing it out.

Remember that eliminating the current rat population will not stop any more from coming. You need to address the cause of this issue if you want to prevent another infestation from happening. Examine your deck closely for any gaps the animals could be used to get inside and seal them shut. If you want to rebuild your deck, screw a steel mesh into the sides to prevent any rodents from chewing through. You can also entrench this mesh a foot into the ground to help prevent the animals from digging their way in. Cap wall vents with steel mesh as well and seal any cracks in the foundation, window frames, or doors. Always clean up after a meal outside and use lidded garbage cans. Pick up any fruit that falls to the ground and remove bird feeders.

Handling a rat problem by yourself can be very stressful. Keep in mind that professional pest removers can do all of this for you. Licensed technicians know rats in and out and they will know exactly what to do for your situation. Professionals use high-quality rodenticides that work better than those in stores and they can exclude your deck from any further rat or wildlife activity. Call Pest Control Burlington today for the best rodent control and pest-proofing services: 647-496-5721.