How Long are my Rat Baits Good for Before they go Bad

How Long Are My Rat Baits Good for Before They Go Bad?

Rats are a serious problem to homeowners. They’re highly destructive and difficult to deal with, and they carry several diseases that could make you very sick. Getting rid of them is the right idea, but it’s important that you use commercial baits and traps properly. Baits can go bad and misusing them may result in more cleanup than you expected. If you’re looking for safe and effective rat removal, call Rat Control Burlington.

Rat bait shelf lives vary depending on the product. Check the packaging that came with your rat bait for an expiry date or try checking the manufacturer’s website. You can also try contacting the manufacturer directly by phone. Most rodenticides do not expire as long as they are contained and kept in a cool, dry place. When using rodenticides, always use baits that are still fresh and change them every 30 days. Rats will not be attracted to stale, moldy, or dirty baits. This applies to fresh foods, as well. Be sure to replace foods like peanut butter or nuts about every week or so if they have not been consumed.

If you are using rodenticides to treat a rat problem, make sure that you are only using them outdoors. Once a rat has consumed enough poison, it will retreat into its burrow to perish. If there are rats living in your home, this means they will perish in hard-to-reach areas like wall voids, where it will be difficult for you to clean. Use snap traps inside the house and bait them with food. Wear a pair of gloves and use a toothpick or cotton swab when handling food to avoid leaving your scent on the trap. Place multiple traps along the walls of infested rooms.

Bait stations and snap traps are effective at eliminating rats, but it is recommended that you physically exclude rodents from the home and remove all other sources of food to encourage them to consume the baits you placed. Examine the exterior of your home closely for any openings the animals could be using to get inside and seal them shut. If you are aware of a particular entrance they use to get in and out, try installing a one-way door to it to let the rats out. Reduce the amount of clutter you have in the house and store all foods in sealed containers. Use lidded garbage cans and vacuum regularly.

Remember that professional pest removers only use safe, commercial-grade rodenticides that work better than those you can buy over the counter. Baits are placed in tamper-proof boxes that require a key to open and they are specifically formulated to taste good to rats – not your neighbour’s pet. Pest Control Burlington also offers pest-proofing services in which we will seal or block off any potential entry point on your property. Ask Pest Control Burlington today about our ongoing rat control programs and pest removal services: 647-496-5721.