Can I use Mouse Snap Traps on Rats

Can I use Mouse Snap Traps on Rats?

Snap traps are widely known for their effectiveness against rodents. These mechanisms are used by both homeowners and professionals alike in their efforts to remove unwanted pests. If you have dealt with mice before, you may have mouse traps handy, but they can only be used for mice going forward. Rats are unfortunately very large pests that require powerful traps to be eliminated. If you are witnessing some rat activity on your property and need help, please give Rat Control Burlington a call.

Rats and mice are both nocturnal, omnivorous rodents that frequently infest people’s homes in search of food, water, and shelter. These pests usually get inside by sneaking through cracks in the foundation, chewing through wall vents, or simply walking through doors that have been left open. Both species like to nest in the insulation within wall voids, floor voids, and false ceilings. Rats however are much larger than mice. While the average house mouse weighs about 20 grams, rats usually weigh somewhere around 230. That’s over 10 times the weight of a mouse! This difference in size means that rats are much more destructive, and they require stronger traps.

You unfortunately cannot use mouse traps on rats because they are too small. The same goes for using rat traps on mice; mice are small enough that they can consume the bait you place on rat traps without setting them off. Rat traps and mouse traps are specifically designed for the pest in mind. If you are trying to get rid of rats, you will need to use rat traps because they are large enough and powerful enough to handle rats and their size. These are powerful enough to break a rat’s neck whereas a mouse trap simply cannot.

Remember that if you want to get rid of rats, you will need to pest-proof your home in addition to setting traps. Remove clutter from the kitchen, pantry, and basement to reduce the number of hiding spots the animals could be using, then remove food. Clean the house from top to bottom and vacuum on a regular basis. Store food in sealed containers and take the garbage out every night. Outside, be sure to mow the lawn regularly and pick up any fruit that have fallen to the ground. Use lidded garbage cans and always pick up after your dog. Then, check the walls of your home for any cracks or gaps the rodents could be using to get inside and seal them shut. Cap wall vents and weep vents with steel mesh.

The most effective way to get rid of rats, by far, is to call a pest removal company for help. Technicians are trained and experienced in rat removal and they will know what to do to solve your problem. The professionals at Pest Control Burlington perform thorough inspections to find every potential entry point and only use top-of-the-line rodenticides that target rats specifically, so no other creature is harmed. We also offer high quality pest-proofing to ensure that no more rats get inside. Call Pest Control Burlington now for the safest and most efficient rat treatments: 647-496-5721.