Can I Reinforce Entry Points with Metal Sheets Against Rats

Can I Reinforce Entry-points with Metal Sheets Against Rats?

Rats love to get in people’s houses for their warmth and abundance of food. If there’s an opening somewhere on the outside, rats will chew and squeeze their way through. What’s worrisome about this behaviour is that rats can chew through virtually anything. It takes the right materials to make sure the pests don’t get in. For guaranteed pest-proofing and rodent removal, call Rat Exterminator Burlington.

Rats are nocturnal mammals that feed on an omnivorous diet. As rodents, they have strong teeth that never stop growing. This allows rats to manipulate their environments and consume some tough foods like nuts, meat, and bone. Rats are constantly chewing and gnawing to file their teeth down. Wood, plastic, vinyl, rubber, cinder block, and thin metal screens are no match for a rat’s teeth. Rats are also known to chew on electrical wires and plumbing – even glass! So, if you’re hoping to keep rats out of the house, it’s important that you use the right materials.

Metal sheets can be used to reinforce entry points like holes in the wall, but they must be 24 gauge or heavier galvanized steel. You can also use 22 gauge or heavier sheets for kick plates or to reinforce the edges of doors. Galvanized steel is the preferred metal because it is coated in zinc, which helps protect the steel from rust. For other entry-points like cracks in the foundation, use 2 inches of concrete or hydraulic cement. Small holes, like a hole surrounding a utility line, can be blocked by stuffing them with steel wool. What you can also use instead of metal sheets is galvanized steel mesh a half or quarter inch thick.

Strengthening weak spots and sealing entry-points shut is an excellent way to protect your home from unwanted rats. Another sure-fire way to keep pests off your property is to remove food and areas of rodent harborage. Mow the lawn regularly, pull weeds, and trim tree branches away from the roof of the house. Move firewood and shrubbery away from the walls of the home as well. Remove any scrap lying around in the yard. If you have fruit trees, be sure not to leave their fruit on the ground for long and always rake the leaves in the fall. Use bird feeders sparingly and protect your vegetable garden with row covers. Use lidded garbage cans and keep them away from the house.

Identifying vulnerabilities and doing these renovations yourself can be a lot of hard work. If you’re not sure where to start, or if you’re tired of handling the job yourself, call Pest Control Burlington for help. Our technicians are experienced in pest-proofing and will thoroughly inspect your property for entry points. We’ll block off every gap, vent, or crack to stop any pests from getting in. We’re so sure of our rat-proofing capabilities that they come with a 2-year warranty. Call Pest Control Burlington today and we’ll get started: 647-496-5721.