How to Get Skunk Smell Out of Dog

How to Remove Skunk Smell from Dog

Skunks are relatively harmless creatures, but their spray packs a serious punch. Instead of fighting their predators, skunks spray them with a liquid that is overwhelmingly nauseating. The smell is so powerful that even bears avoid the little critters. Dogs, unfortunately, get sprayed when they get too close to a skunk and alarm it. If your dog was sprayed, don’t panic. Take it to a veterinarian if it was sprayed in the face. Then, wash it to remove the smell. Call us for effective skunk removal in Burlington.

First, do not let the dog inside. Keep your dog – and the smell – outside of the house if you can. Then, get some de-skunking soap from your veterinarian or from a pet store. Regular soap will not work. Read the instructions on the bottle of de-skunking soap and follow them carefully. Put on a pair of gloves, then massage the soap into your dog’s fur. Rinse with water, then repeat. When you are done rinsing the last wash, use a towel to dry your dog, then let the dog air dry outside before going indoors.

How to Get Rid of Skunk Smell in House

If your dog was sprayed by a skunk, chances are your home smells like it too. Open up all your windows and let the air circulate to help get rid of the smell in the air. Use fans. If it’s really bad, try boiling a pot of vinegar for an hour. The vinegar particles will help neutralize the odour. You can also fill some bowls with vinegar and place them around the house to absorb the smell of skunk. Since your dog will be walking all over the house, mop the floors with one part bleach and 10 parts water.

Fabrics are prone to absorbing the smell of skunk, even if the skunk spray was outside. So, wash your dog’s collar and your clothes in hot water. Add half a cup of baking soda to your regular laundry detergent, then hang your clothes to dry. Using the dryer will bake the smell into your clothes. For maximum de-odorizing, hang your clothes outside, in the sun. Clean carpets, rugs, and upholstery with a steam cleaner. If you find that you are smelly yourself, wash your skin with baking soda and use shampoo for oily hair.

Contact a Professional for Skunk Removal

If your dog was sprayed near your home, there may be a den in your yard. Contact a local wildlife removal company for an inspection and humane removal plan. Licensed technicians use one-way doors to let skunks safely out of their dens. Once out, they replace the door with an impenetrable mesh. If you’re worried it will happen again, ask the technician about exclusion. At Pest Control Burlington, we offer complete wildlife-proofing services in which we seal and cover every possible skunk hiding spot. Call us for permanent and humane skunk removal services: 647-596-5721.