Where do Squirrels go in the Winter

Where Do Squirrels Go in the Winter?

Lots of animals hibernate or migrate south for the winter. There is very little food when the weather is cold and there is snow on the ground. Animals have therefore evolved to cope with the changes in season. Squirrels, like all other wildlife, have their solutions as well. Some might even try to get into your house! Reach out to us for all your squirrel control needs. We provide lasting and effective solutions to all squirrel problems. Call us today for humane and guaranteed squirrel removal in Burlington.

Squirrels don’t go anywhere for the winter. They are active year-round. However, their behaviour changes. They tend to stay in their nests for a few days at a time when the weather is very cold. They might also share their nests for warmth – something that only mothers and kits will do. When food is scarce, you might find them digging for the nuts they buried in the fall. As omnivores, squirrels will eat just about anything. They eat nuts, seeds, bark, buds, berries, fungus, and small insects. They eat as much as they can in the fall in anticipation of winter’s scarcity.

Do Squirrels Nest in Attics?

Squirrels nest throughout the winter, and females nest to raise their kits. Naturally, they nest in tree canopies and hollows, but squirrels are no strangers to attics. Like hollow trees, attics are safe and above ground. Squirrels get inside by chewing through roof vents, soffits, and gaps they find along the edges of the roof. As rodents, they have very powerful teeth. In most cases, squirrels nest in the soffits, right on the edge of the roof. They like to only have one entrance into their nest. In others, they might nest in the insulation, in a wall void, or in the chimney.

Squirrels are relatively harmless, but they should not be allowed to nest in the attic. Squirrels will cause extensive damage. The holes they put in the roof expose the attic to moisture, which may cause mold and invite other critters into the attic, like raccoons. They chew everything around them, risking power outages and fire. They’ll also spread germs with their feces and urine. If there are squirrels in your attic, you might hear them chewing and scurrying around during sunrise and sunset. There might also be an unusual amount of squirrel activity on the roof.

Hire a Squirrel Removal Professional for Help

Many people experience squirrel issues in the winter. If you’re worried, reach out to a professional. Technicians are trained to find squirrel nests safely, then get rid of them humanely. At Pest Control Burlington, our technicians are thoroughly trained and well-equipped to handle any squirrel problem. We offer humane solutions that don’t cause any harm to wildlife. Call us today and a technician will be there soon for an inspection. All of our squirrel removal services come with a warranty of up to 2 years.