Is it normal to find rats in a restaurant-ib

Is it normal to find rats in a restaurant

Sadly yes. Rats are a daily problem in all restaurant environments. That’s why a professional restaurant needs a professional response to a rat infestation. 

Got a rat in your house? Contact professional rat control Burlington in the Greater Toronto Area as soon as possible.

Is it normal to find rats in a restaurant

Here at The Exterminators Inc. We don’t just get rid of the rats once. We have a monthly or bimonthly schedule of constant attention that guarantees your customers will never know that a rat may have graced your kitchen. 

For commercial spaces our quote cannot be written until we have performed an inspection of the are. We will send our highly skilled technician to your home where he will perform a full external inspection of the entire property, from holes in the foundation to damaged siding. Our technicians are not only extermination geniuses, they are also fully prepared for any contingency. 

Most rat infestations start from doors left open to the kitchen. Once they finish their inspection, they will write out a quote to repair any entry points found for a very reasonable price. 

When rats are inside a house you can be sure they will also be outside the house. To deal with this the technician will install multiple Large, tamper proof, locked and weighted bait stations containing commercial grade Rodenticide that will send those rats packing. 

That’s just the beginning. After the external inspection the technician will enter the unit and perform a thorough internal inspection of the business to find the points of highest activity, and when those points are found! We lay down snap traps in area of highest activity. Within one week the population will be devastated and activity will drop like a rock. After the third or fourth week the infestation will be gone, with no lingering smells and no more fear that you’re sharing your home with rodents!