is mice urine posionous

Is mice urine poisonous?

As cute and adorable as they may look, these rodent species carry serious diseases with them and can be transferred in several ways when people come in contact with the feces, urine, and salvia. Being around mice or for that matter rats may have negative consequences even if the contact was not direct.

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Is mice urine poisonous

This is due to the fact that soils and substances that have been in direct contact with feces, urine, or feces can be stirred up and can transfer – via what is called – airborne transmission where the particles of these substances can travel by air and get transferred through inhalation. One of the most commonly known diseases associated with mice is named the Hantavirus which recently is causing a commotion in China after a man has been found to have died from the disease. This is especially worrying since the public and the government is easing up restrictions in some parts after it deemed being safe and at low risk from the Coronavirus. After the recent death, the internet has been filled with concerns and talks of a supposed Coronavirus 2.0 wave and lockdown while cases of people contracting Hantavirus dates back to the beginning of the 19th century, the public is erroneously coining it as a new disease.

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