How to Get Rid of Squirrels in Soffit

How to Get Rid of Squirrels in Soffit

Squirrels are some of the most common animals in the world. Thanks to their agility, flexible diets, and sharp teeth, these rodents do remarkably well in human habitats. They take full advantage of our virtually predator-free environments, finding shelter in the treetops as well as the roofs of our homes. If there are squirrels in your soffits, you may have heard them scratching or scrambling around during the day. Though relatively harmless, it’s important that you get them out soon. The longer that squirrels stay indoors, the further the damage they will cause. Call us today for humane squirrel removal in Burlington.

Squirrels like to nest in soffits because they are safe from predators. They are also quite warm in the winter, providing squirrels with the perfect shelter. While it may seem impossible, squirrels have teeth that are strong enough to chew right through the metal. If a squirrel can sit on a downspout or piece of roofing that meets the soffit above, the animal can chew its way through. Squirrel holes are roughly the diameter of a golf ball, and they are surrounded by teeth marks. Once through, squirrels will bring nesting materials to the attic and build their nests just across the opening they created.

To get a squirrel out of a soffit, you must install a one-way door. A one-way door is a device that professionals use for hands-free squirrel removal. Like a trap, it consists of a mesh tube with a door that swings outward. However, the one-way door is open-ended, so the animal can crawl out of it and be free. The only challenges associated with the one-way door are to install it safely and to ensure that there are no babies in the squirrel’s nest. Hiring a professional is your best bet. He or she can determine when it is safe to install the door, install it for you, then fix the opening when the squirrels are gone.

How to Keep Squirrels Out of the Soffits Permanently

An added benefit to hiring a professional for squirrel removal is that he or she can ensure that this does not happen again. This process of squirrel-proofing the property is known as exclusion. A technician can exclude your home by fixing holes in the roof, covering vents, and protecting every other part of the roof that is vulnerable to squirrels. Professionals have the safety gear, training, and equipment to get this done right. What you can do to help is to keep your yard free of food sources, like bird feeders or fallen apples. Empty out your gutters in the fall and maintain the yard.

Squirrels are no strangers to human habitats. These are crafty animals that have learned to live alongside us. To them, a soffit is just another opportunity to nest above ground. Give us a call if you need help removing a squirrel. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest level of service. We provide safe, humane, and comprehensive squirrel removal services in the Burlington area. No squirrels will be hurt. You can rest assured that we will get the job done right. Call us today and ask about our 2-year warranty.