Early Signs of Bed Bugs

How to Spot Early Signs of Bed Bugs

Are you worried about bed bugs? Bed bugs are unfortunately very common. They have exploded since the 1970s, becoming more common now than ever. Though they do not travel long distances, bed bugs are master hitchhikers. As such, they can cling to your belongings in a hotel room overseas, then come home with you, as if it were just a regular day. If you’re worried, do not hesitate to give us a call. The sooner you have your home inspected, the better. Bed bugs will only get worse with time. Call us for affordable bed bug control in Burlington.

Finding bite marks on the skin in the morning is often the first sign of a bed bug infestation. Since infestations usually only start with a bug or two, the bugs often go unnoticed for several weeks. Bed bugs only emerge from their hiding spots every few days. What’s worse is they usually only come out once they know that their victims are asleep. Bed bug bites appear as tiny red dots in clusters, zig zags, or straight lines on the exposed parts of the skin, such as the arms. Bites usually go unnoticed until the next day because bed bugs have a numbing agent in their saliva.

Another early sign is finding blood stains in the bed sheets. This happens when bed bugs are crushed by their victims after they have fed, which spills blood onto the sheets. If you’ve found a mysterious drop of blood in your bed sheets, look for bite marks on your skin. The next sign is the presence of the bugs themselves. Even in early cases, one might spot a bed bug crawling on the bed or couch. Bed bugs are brown, flat, and roughly half a centimeter wide. Try removing your mattress from its frame and looking for them. Bed bugs often hide in bed frames and mattress seams.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

It is recommended that you hire a pest control technician to get rid of the bed bugs in your home. This is because bed bugs are highly resistant to commercial pesticides. Their eggs are so tough that they withstand pesticides altogether. You would have to account for every single bug, then repeat the extermination process to ensure that you got every baby bed bug, too. A professional however can use steam to get rid of bed bugs at every stage of the life cycle. He or she can also use an insecticide with residual properties, so that bugs that emerge after the treatment will perish as well.

Contact Pest Control Burlington for bed bug control that you can count on. We offer a variety of solutions and customize our services to meet the unique needs of our clients. We vow to get every single bug. Bed bugs are highly stressful pests because they affect you directly. We understand your concerns and we know what you are going through. Our team will do everything it can to get rid of the bugs in your home and help prevent them from coming back. Contact us today for safe, effective, and affordable bed bug removal in Burlington. We offer free estimates.