Do Raccoons Dig for Grubs

Do Raccoons Dig for Grubs?

Raccoons are super common in the GTA. They thrive in residential neighbourhoods with mature trees, old attics, and garbage bins on the side of the road. As omnivores, raccoons enjoy a variety of foods. They’ll eat whatever they find. This diet is on of the reasons why they are so adaptable to human habitats, but it comes with a new set of problems. Raccoons are known to damage gardens and homes while searching for food.  If you’re dealing with a racoon problem and you need help, give us a call. We offer safe and effective raccoon removal in Burlington.

Raccoons do go digging for grubs in the soil. They eat grubs, worms, and insects in addition to fruits, vegetables, seeds, and other fresh foods. Digging in the yard may cause damage to lawns and garden beds. One may find holes in the ground and soil that has been displaced. Grubs are a major source of protein for raccoons and skunks. Digging for bugs is an instinctual habit that is especially common in late summer and early fall. If you want to avoid the damage, you can try to keep the soil wet or aerate the lawn.

How to Keep Raccoons Away

Food is what attracts raccoons the most. The more you can restrict their access to food, the better. So, use garbage cans with lids that you can tie down or keep in a shed until collection day. Raccoons are smart, with nimble fingers that can open locks. Keep garbage as far out of reach as possible and keep the bins clean. Likewise, you should limit the amount of bird seed you leave out. Bird feeders are major attractants for skunks, raccoons, squirrels, and small rodents. Finally, you should consider covering your vegetable garden with a raccoon-proof mesh. Protect your garden and pick up fallen fruits or acorns.

If there are lots of raccoons in your area, you may want to protect your roof, as well. Raccoons like to break into attics in the winter so they can escape the cold and raise their young in a safe place. Roof vents, soffits, and openings on the sides of the roof are the most vulnerable. They use these to break inside, where they make nests in the attic’s insulation. Here, they will deposit feces, causing irreparable damage. One of the best things you can do to prevent this is to hire a wildlife technician for exclusion.

The technicians at Pest Control Burlington have everything it takes to safely get onto the roof and cover these openings so that no raccoons get inside. We use thick galvanized steel meshes and metal flashings that keep raccoons out of the attic permanently. In addition to roofs, we offer the exclusion of decks, sheds, and porches that keep other critters out, too. All our exclusion work is guaranteed and comes with a 2-year warranty. You can trust us to keep wildlife out humanely. Call us today if you have questions.