How to Raccoon-Proof Your Garbage Can

How to Raccoon-Proof Your Garbage Can

Raccoons are infamous for their love of garbage. So much so that “trash panda” has become a part of our lexicon. These little bandits love to break into garbage cans because they can eat most of what’s inside. As omnivores, they eat all kinds of things. Fruits, vegetables, grains, seafood, meat, dairy products, and eggs are all fair game. Raccoons in the city recognize garbage cans as reliable sources of food, so they come to check on them every night. If you’re struggling to keep raccoons out of your cans, we have some solutions for you. Call us for humane raccoon removal in Burlington.

The first thing you can do to keep raccoons out of your garbage is to switch to a bin that locks. The sturdier the lock, the better. Raccoons are smart enough to solve locks, so it’s important that you choose one that is stiff and physically more difficult to open. Lots of municipalities have switched to “raccoon-proof” bins – see if yours has some that you can order for yourself. The next thing you can do is to store your garbage can out of reach, like a garage, shed, or garbage shed. While it is easier said than done, the raccoons in your neighbourhood won’t disappear. Investing in a storage system will solve the problem.

If neither of these solutions work for you, try using a bungee cord to tie the can shut. Some bins come with handles or hooks that allow you to tie the lid shut. Simply lift the bungee cord to open the can when you need to. An even easier solution is to use repellents. Try spraying the garbage can with apple cider or ammonia to ward off raccoons. The animals dislike the smell and may mistake it for predator urine. Spray it every few days, especially when after it rains. Clean the can every now and then to reduce the smell of food.

How to Keep Raccoons Off Your Property

Raccoons are drawn to homes where they can find food. So, keep this in mind when doing maintenance around the house. Be sure to mow the lawn on a regular basis and pick up all fallen fruits and acorns. Limit the amount of bird seed you leave out or get rid of the bird feeder entirely. If you grow vegetables, consider protecting them with row covers or making raised beds that you can cover with mesh. Cover the barbecue and tidy up after each meal. The neater the yard, the better. There will be fewer animals and odours to attract raccoons.

Having raccoons getting into your garbage is frustrating, but the real threat is having raccoons get into the house. Raccoons are known to break into attics in the winter and spring. Call your local wildlife removal company for a full exclusion. A technician will inspect your roof and cover its vulnerabilities so raccoons can’t get inside. At Exterminator Burlington, we offer comprehensive raccoon exclusion as well as humane and affordable raccoon removal services. All our services come with warranties of up to 2 years. Call us today if you have any question.