How to block mice from coming under an exterior door

How to block mice from coming under an exterior door?

Having mice coming from under your door can be especially problematic seeing that mice seem to be able to squeeze through the tightest spots and gaps you wouldn’t even imagine. Mice are very opportunistic creatures and will certainly go where there is food available. It is for this reason very important to make sure that your home is cleaned regularly in order to prevent mice from entering. One aspect of preventing mice is that they are nocturnal creatures. They do most of their things at night away from any human danger or human presence. Without the risk of getting caught mice use this time to scour for food and water and to feed their young. When mice come underneath a door the first solution is to block the entry point. To do this you might want to consider doing the following. 

How to block mice from coming under an exterior door


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The first solution is to buy Draft stoppers. It is originally used to prevent draft entering the house but can be a great way to stop insects, mice, and other small insects from entering your house unannounced. Apart from that, your house gets to be a little bit more cozier!

The second solution is to simply sweep the floor. As earlier mentioned, mice are very opportunistic creatures and will make a move when they spot any sight of crumbs. The third option involves a low-tech solution and that is to stuff a towel between the door gap in case you ordered the draft stopper, there is always the old trusty towel you can rely on. Be advised though, a draft stopper is a more pleasant sight, but it never hurts as a temporary solution! 

For this, it is recommended that you hire a professional pest service locally based in the Greater Toronto area in order to serve you in a timely matter. The technician is able to perform a full exterior and interior inspection of the whole property and can give you advice based on experience and training as to where structurally prone areas have been located that need to be sealed up in order to prevent a future rodent infestation. After treatment, you should see a decrease in the rodent population after a few weeks, and should not notice any rodents In a short time after. If you suspect rodent activity taking place in or outside of your property it is highly advised to call a professional pest control company immediately to deal with the rodent issue at hand and to make rodents a thing of the past!