Why you need to plug up carpenter bee holes

Why you need to plug up carpenter bee holes

Carpenter bees are “real” bees in the biological sense. They are very helpful pollinators and even pollinate plants that no other insect can pollinate. They are not a great threat as they build their nests usually high up or low to the ground and only the females can sting. The males will just buzz around your head if they are angry. The carpenter bee is only a pest because it builds its nests in wood. And most of the time that wood is your home. They love the drip edge as it is almost always raw wood and they also love raw decks, old gazeboes with peeling paint, anything they can access. Now there is a clear pattern here, carpenter bees can not tunnel through wood that has been treated in any way.

Why you need to plug up carpenter bee holes

If you see an increase in carpenter bee activity taking place around your property, contact carpenter bee removal Burlington for quick and safe removal. 

Pressure-treated painted and varnished wood is impervious to the insects at least until it starts to peel. Sadly there are far too many places open to them in and on your home that you cant paint but the bees can get to. In this case, you would want to exterminate them instead of just painting over the holes, trapping and suffocating them. You can try it yourself but it’s often a high climb. Much better to use a professional. 

The life cycle and nesting strategies of the carpenter bee are based holy on the female’s shoulders. The males cannot defend the nest, they cannot build the nest, they cannot hunt for food for the young and they are essentially useless other than for mating. The females build the nest, lay the young, feed them, and seal off the chamber. They are the worker bees and the fighter bees as they are the only ones who can sting. They create a catacomb-like tunnel with spaces for eggs, as they hatch the nest will be enlarged. It can get so bad that you could step out on your porch only for your foot to go straight through one of the slats. This is the true menace of carpenter bees and why they are treated like wasps and hornets. They are pests and killing them off is perfectly acceptable. 

Carpenter bees are easy to identify. They are shiny and black except for a tuft of yellow fur around their abdomen. This can help you identify them and follow them to their nesting location. 

If the bees have already infested your home and you are not able or willing to exterminate them yourself then call Wasp Control. We can get rid of those carpenter bees in one hour and with a 6-month warranty, you will not have to worry about seeing them again. 

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