When to call a hornet or wasp exterminator

When to call a hornet or wasp exterminator

Wasps are all a threat but some are more of a threat than others. There is a broad range of species in North America, about 18. we will focus on the most common. The mud dauber, the paper and bald-faced wasp and the yellow jacket. These wasps are the most common to infest a residential property. 

If you see an increase in wasp activity taking place around your property, contact wasp removal Burlington for quick and safe removal. 

when to call a hornet or wasp exterminator

Hornets are far more aggressive, they can also be solo but are more likely to be in a large nest. The great black hornet is one that is a serious and dangerous threat to most homes. It can nest on its own in a paper sphere underground in an abandoned rodent hole or it can make an aerial nest in a tree or on an overhang on your home. They make papery large nests that are not spherical but deformed and wonky. They are very aggressive and will attack anyone that approaches the nest or infuriates them in any way. Allergies to hornets can be very deadly.

If you have a solo wasp nest on your property you don’t have to remove it. You can kill the nest yourself by spraying it at night when the wasps are sleeping or removing it and relocating it with a jar and cutting board. Not something most people need to call a professional for but if you are older or if you have pets and children you may want to call Wasp Control to remove the nest, even if it’s small. 

Large nest wasps and hornets are a serious threat. If you have a nest of yellow jackets on your property they will be very hard to find and are almost always discovered by accident, resulting in a swarm attack that can put a child in the hospital and a pet in their grave. If you see a wasp, call Wasp Control right away, you can track them back to the nest but it is a risky thing to do. Our technicians can do a full inspection for you and tell you if you need to be worried or not. 

Do not underestimate large nests. They are deadly. If you have one, even if you haven’t seen a wasp or hornet and just feel uneasy because you saw a weird looking ant hill in your garden call the experts, they can check the area safely while protecting you from a swarm attack and ensuring that the entire nest is killed, including the queen.