Types of Businesses Susceptible to Mice Infestations

Types of Businesses Susceptible to Mice Infestations

Mice have been a bother to humans for thousands of years. They disease-ridden pests are exceptionally quiet and highly capable of sneaking into our buildings for food and shelter. As a result, mice are an unfortunately very common problem for Canadian businesses. They must be controlled with proper sanitation, management, and professional treatment to keep the public safe. If you suspect an infestation at your place of work, please call Mouse Control Burlington.

Mice are nocturnal, omnivorous rodents that are prey to many other animals. As such, mice are drawn to warm places where they can hide and where there is an abundance of food and water. They can sense that a building is warm and that there is food inside by feeling and smelling the air that escapes its wall vents, windows, and doors. To get inside, mice usually squeeze through whatever gaps they find in the walls or simply crawl through doors that have been left open. Wall voids, floor voids, cabinets, storage boxes, false ceilings, and kitchen appliances are common nesting sites.

Businesses that are most susceptible to mice infestations are naturally those that serve food. Restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and grocery stores are prone to getting mice because their doors are often left open and there are enough food scraps to go around. Storage areas have plenty of hiding spots for mice and other rodents. Hotels are also known to get mice because they are large buildings with openings that may have been left unchecked. Guests often eat inside their rooms and hotel restaurants are common. Like hotels, schools are also large buildings that can be difficult to keep clean. Their cafeterias are full of food and schools house plenty of supplies that could be used to build nests.

These businesses must adopt rigorous cleaning and maintenance programs to keep the mice away. All staff should be trained to recognize the signs of an infestation and be encouraged to speak up if they witness any mice activity. Surfaces should be swept and mopped on a regular basis and food should be stored in tightly sealed containers. Garbage must also be taken out every night, so the rodents have nothing to feed on. Potential entry points, such as cracks in the foundation, should be sealed shut. Finally, businesses that are susceptible to mice should have monthly visits from a pest control company to ensure that no mice come inside.

Mouse control is an ongoing battle for businesses that handle food. Mice, as a species, have benefitted greatly from living near humans, so it is natural that they are drawn to these places. If you are currently struggling with an infestation at home or at work, give Pest Control Burlington a call. Our technicians use high quality rodenticides that are more effective than those you can buy in stores, and we offer guaranteed pest-proofing to physically block the animals out. Call Pest Control Burlington today for the best rodent removal and pest-proofing services: 647-496-5721.