How to Deal with a Mouse Infestation in the Garage

How to Deal with a Mouse Infestation in the Garage

Having mice in the garage is unfortunately very common. People often leave the garage door open for hours at a time and they’re full of little dark spaces for the critters to hide. Garages are warm in the winter and sometimes store foods like bird seed, pet food, and garbage. Mice should however be removed from the garage because they carry infectious diseases and risk making their way from the garage to the inside of the home. Call Mouse Control Burlington today if you are currently struggling with a mouse problem.

The house mouse and the deer mouse are the two most common species in Ontario. These little rodents each grow up to about 10cm in length, with nearly hairless tails that are just as long. They have slender bodies, pointed snouts, rounded ears, and beady black eyes. While the house mouse is either grey or brown, the deer mouse is clearly two-toned. The deer mouse has a distinctly brown back, white belly, and white feet. Both mice are omnivores and feed primarily on fruits, vegetables, seeds, and grains. As nocturnal animals, you may be able to hear them squeal or scratch in the walls of the garage at night.

To get rid of mice in the garage, start by removing what attracts them in the first place. Clean the garage thoroughly and remove as many sources of food as you can. Use lidded garbage cans and store edible goods in tightly sealed containers. Tidy up clutter to remove hiding spaces and examine the garage carefully for signs of activity. Look for little black droppings and smear marks along the walls of the garage. Mice tend to follow the same paths every night because they have poor vision. Bait and set snap traps along these suspected paths and check them every morning.

Once you have tidied up the garage and set traps, make the home impenetrable. Seal any holes or gaps you found during your search for signs of activity. You can use silicone caulking, steel wool, or concrete to seal them off. Check the weatherstripping on the bottom of the garage door and replace it if it is worn. Outside, cap your wall vents, chimneys, and utility lines with galvanized steel mesh to ensure that no mice can get inside the house. Check for cracks around the windows and doors of the home and use sealant to block them off. Be sure that there are no cracks in the foundation, either.

While it may seem like having mice in the garage is no big deal, you should take care of the situation as soon as possible. Mice are known to crawl through doors when they are left open, and they may chew their way through the garage wall and into the house. The sooner you get rid of the pests, the better. Remember that Pest Control Burlington’s services are always available to you. We promise to send those pests packing, and we offer high quality exclusion work, too! We’ll pest-proof your home so no more infestations happen. Call Pest Control Burlington now: 647-496-5721.