ants in the kitchen

Ants in the Kitchen

When it comes to ants, these creatures may be small in size but sure make up for it in grit, focus and numbers. And these factors are more than enough to cause us nuisance when these tiny foragers invade our kitchen and home in search of food and a place to set up their nests, call ant exterminator Burlington for fast and affordable ant control service.

The primary reason for ants to get comfortable in your kitchen and home is the easy availability of food. What may be a few crumbs to you are a treasure trove to ants and what may seem like some leftover juice in a cup, a well filled with tasty liquid for them. So you can only imagine how many tidbits are usually lying around your kitchen for these ants to have a feast!

So if you have a sizeable ant population making itself at home in your kitchen, you can be sure that most of it are because you haven’t managed to keep the kitchen clean of ant food.

Around the home too, it is the same story. Whether it is a forgotten sandwich on the deck or even leftover pet food, every morsel is a treasure to ants, and whenever they find something edible or worth talking to their nest, they not only get in on it with gusto but even ask their hundreds of fellow colony workers to join in on the fun.

This is how you see the discovery of food attracting a few, then a few dozens, and soon, a few hundred ants!

If these descriptions paint a picture that’s similar to the situation in your home and kitchen, call in a pest control expert immediately, for a solution to not only the current problem but also for tips on how to keep ants away from your kitchen and home in the future.