Why One Mouse Keeps Coming in my Bedroom

Why One Mouse Keeps Coming in my Bedroom

Are you receiving unwanted visitors to your bedroom? Have mice been keeping you up at night? An infestation in the bedroom can be especially unsettling because this should be a place for restful sleep. Any mice that you are seeing in the bedroom must be removed immediately, not only for your mental health but for the quality of your home. For the best mouse removal and pest-proofing services, call Mouse Control Burlington.

Mice are nocturnal, slender little rodents that are common all over the world. They have rounded ears, pointed snouts, beady black eyes, and thin, long tails. Mice usually measure about 20cm long, tails included, and weigh approximately 20 grams. Mice are omnivores that feed primarily on fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and insects. As rodents, they can chew through practically anything. This means that wood, plastic, vinyl, and even aluminum screens are no match to a mouse’s teeth. Mice commonly get inside people’s houses by chewing through wall vents and squeezing through any gaps they find on the exterior of the home.

If you are seeing one mouse, it is unfortunately very likely that there is a dozen more nearby. Mice are social creatures that live in groups and they reproduce very quickly. One couple of mice can produce as many as 10 litters of 3 to 14 pups per year. You are probably only witnessing one mouse at a time. Seeing mice in the bedroom could also point to a more widespread infestation as mice usually prefer to nest in the kitchen, garage, or cellar. Given these factors, it’s important that you take action immediately and call a pest removal company for help.

Hiring a pest removal company is the best way to get rid of mice. Professionals use highly effective rodenticides that are safe to use in the home and get rid of mice fast. What you can do to help involves cleaning up the house and pest-proofing your property to stop any more infestations from happening. First, stop eating in the bedroom. Restrict mealtime to the kitchen only and store food in sealed containers. Wipe surfaces clean, vacuum regularly, and take the garbage out every night. Then, search your home for any potential entry points, like cracked window frames, and seal them shut. Block wall vents with steel mesh and put weatherstripping on the garage door.

Pest Control Burlington knows mouse control in and out. Our experts are highly experienced in mouse removal and will devise a plan that works best for your situation. Should you call us, we will conduct a thorough inspection of your property to get to the bottom of your mouse problem. We’ll find where the pests are coming from and offer you high quality pest-proofing in which we will block all potential entry points. Call Pest Control Burlington today for the safest and most effective mouse control: 647-496-5721.