What can you do to prevent bedbugs from entering your home

What can you do to prevent bedbugs from entering your home

Bedbugs are a nuisance and you should call your local bed bug exterminator Burlington company immediately once you detect them. They cause every kind of irritation and the worst thing is that once they get around you they are never willing to let go. Science reveals that bedbugs are attracted to carbon dioxide and warmth and that they thrive in the same range of temperatures as humans. Furthermore, they are only 1 fifth of an inch long and almost flat. This means that they can hide almost anywhere; within the mattress crease, under the calendar and so on. 

For their size and adaptations, bedbugs are a nightmare to control. But if you are serious about achieving just that, you can always give anything to get there. For people looking to get rid of the dangerous pest out of your home, here are a few tips to try;

Invest in a mattress encasement- these are easily available from online stores and help cover places on the mattress that the bedbugs could possibly hide in. A light-coloured encasement would even be even better as you can always spot the bedbugs with ease.

Inspect furniture before bringing them into your home- bedbugs can hide in the joints within the furniture and you could easily transport them with the furniture into your home. Used furniture is always a suspect; consider placing them in a damp place as you conduct the inspection as bedbugs can’t survive in damp environments.

Beware where bedbugs come from- places with frequent occupants like hotels, colleges and guest rooms could easily harbour the insects. This is because different people come around these places and you never know who could be transporting a few. Ensure that you are not carrying any back home.

Be on the lookout- it doesn’t have to be that the house is already invaded; you can simply conduct a precautionary check. Look in the places where they could be hiding and flush out any you come across.

Finally, seal all cracks within the apartment- it is also possible that bedbugs could come into your house from the neighbours especially if you live in an apartment. Check around the wiring areas and the plumbing and seal them off. If you do all these effectively, not many bedbugs if any will find a way into your home.