Types of yellowjackets and yellowjacket nests

Types of yellowjackets and yellowjacket nests

Yellowjackets are a common pest that can be a serious problem for any homeowner. The best way to fight a pest like this is to know as much about it as possible. There are many people with allergies to the stings of this type of wasp and if you are not careful you may end up getting attacked by a swarm. 

If you see an increase in yellowjacket activity taking place around your property, contact wasp removal Burlington for quick and safe removal.

yellow jackets and yellow jacket nests

European yellowjackets are often called paper wasps. They evolved in Europe and make use of wood pulp and paper to make their nests. They are solitary wasps and they make small single wasp nests to lay their eggs. They hibernate in the winter and do not have queens, each wasp can perform all the jobs of the queen and worker on their own. 

North American yellowjacket (Vespula alascensis) this wasp is most frustrating because it prefers to only make nests in sealed off protected areas like underground or in buildings, commonly public ones like park bathrooms. They are a serious threat because of their incredible numbers. 

Southern yellowjacket (Vespula squamosa) is a social wasp that builds large underground nests and feeds exclusively on insects and animal carcasses that they find after the animal has left. Though they may attack an animal out of hunger to get to the food. They are annual in colder climates but if in a warm climate they can continue building a single nest forever and they can get enormous. 

Bald-faced hornets (Dolichovespula maculata) is not a hornet. It is a wasp and it is a yellowjacket but most people are fooled by the terrifying visage of its white patterned skull-like face and white stripes in its body. 

Aerial yellowjacket (Dolichovespula arenaria) the aerial yellowjacket is unusual in that they are willing to build their nests outside, from tree branches, or in the ground like the common yellowjacket. 

Tree wasp (Dolichovespula sylvestris) These wasps look very much like what you would imagine a yellowjacket to look, with symmetrical yellow stripes on its thorax. They build nests in trees and underground and are aggressive and similar to other wasps. They are local only to western Europe. 

If you have any of these nests on your property you will need to take quick action. While the paper wasp may not be much of a threat the North American wasp is a killer. So either kill the nest yourself with insecticide late at night when they are sleeping or call in the professionals from Wasp Control. We can kill, remove, and destroy the nest so you will never see those pests again.