Is it Legal to Trap Raccoons in Ontario

Is it Legal to Trap Raccoons in Ontario?

Raccoons can be quite frustrating. They probably won’t hurt you, but they are highly destructive. Raccoons living in the attic will severely damage its interior, ruining the insulation with feces and tearing holes in the roof. These invasions must be dealt with quickly. The roof should also be protected so this never happens again. But how does one get rid of raccoons? Is trapping legal? The answer is no, not really. Trapping is both inhumane and ineffective. There is a better way to evict raccoons. Contact Pest Control Burlington for permanent, humane raccoon removal services.

There are several laws that govern the trapping and relocating of animals in Ontario. Wild animals can be trapped, so long as they are released within 24 hours, within 1km from where they were captured. Wildlife must be dealt with humanely. It is illegal to harass or kill more wildlife than is necessary to protect one’s property. Special rules apply to species at risk, such as bald eagles, barn owls, turtles, bats, woodland voles, and many more. Municipalities have their by-laws, as well. In Toronto, for example, it is illegal to kill a raccoon.

Given the restrictions, it is better to use a one-way door and exclude your property than it is to trap a raccoon. 1km is not very far. In many cases, raccoons will come right back to their original homes. One should therefore address the causes of the problem and protect their home from repeat invasions. Remove attractants, like bird feeders and garbage cans. Keep the yard free of food and clutter. To protect your home, cover roof vents and chimneys with a strong mesh. Maintain the roof. You can also cover the intersections where the roofing meets the soffits by covering them in mesh.

How Professionals Get Rid of Raccoons

In most cases, technicians get raccoons out of their dens by using one-way doors. For instance, if a raccoon is denning in the attic, a technician will install a one-way door to the hole in the roof that the animal was using to get inside. The door consists of a flap made of plexiglass. It only swings outward, so when the raccoon crawls out of its den to feed, it won’t be able to get back inside. To ensure that the animal won’t break any more holes in the roof, the technician covers and protects every other vulnerability he or she finds.

Contact Exterminator Peterborough for humane raccoon removal and exclusion. We are determined not to harm raccoons any way. If there are babies in a den, we remove them carefully, by hand, then reunite them with their mother. Our solutions are safe and cost-effective. All of our technicians have undergone extensive training and meet all the qualifications necessary to remove raccoons in Ontario. Call us today if you have any questions. Our raccoon removal and wildlife-proofing services come with warranties of up to 2 years.