How to prevent carpenter bee infestations

How to prevent carpenter bee infestations

Carpenter bees are a major threat, not so much to your family’s safety as to the structural stability of your house. Carpenter bees are so named, like carpenter ants for the fact that they drill through the wood to make their nests. It is important to know that they don’t eat the wood, they deposit it at the entrance along with pits of bees like legs and wings as well as feces. This material is called frass and is the first significant sign you should look for when identifying a carpenter bee infestation. 

If you see an increase in carpenter bee activity taking place around your property, contact wasp removal Burlington for quick and safe removal.

prevent carpenter ant infestations

Carpenter bees are simple to identify. They are very much like African Honey Bees and Bumblebees but they are shiny and black and only have a thin circle of yellow fur around their abdomen. They can look like normal bees but if you look closely you will see they are carpenter bees. 

The life cycle of carpenter bees is the key to knowing how to stop them and how to prevent them. The process starts in the spring but may not stop in the winter. Unlike other outdoor insects, carpenter bees can build nests in the wood where the cold won’t reach them. They seal the entrance to their nest and wait for the spring to come so they can lay more eggs and make more honey to feed them. The females are both the workers and the warriors of the colony. The males are more of a set-piece as they cannot sting and they cannot drill. They can however buzz around to annoy people at picnics and since most people don’t know the males can’t sting, they are often sent running. The females make the nesting tunnels, they defend the nest with their single-use stingers and they lay and feed and care for the eggs. This is a lot of work and a surprising evolutionary choice. While wasp queens only lay sterile female eggs until the late fall when she lays eggs of males and females that can breed the carpenter bees simply lay eggs of both genders.

If you want to get rid of them there are three methods. Paint all the raw wood on your property, varnish all the wood on your property or get insecticide and kill them directly. The last option is something you should call in a professional for. Try Wasp Control. Our technicians can remove the nest in one hour and destroy it right away.