how to deal with little ants in house in winter

how to deal with little ants in house in winter

Seeing little ants may be a sign that you’re having a colony inside of your walls. During the wintertime, ants usually go into hibernation and will not be active during their period of dormancy. Usually, ants are active during the warmer months and will forage for food actively. If you have noticed A big difference between warmer months and colder months then you have been paying attention to ant activity. A satellite colony inside of your home may be near a food source and water source for example near the kitchen.

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A satellite colony is usually a newly established colony, which contains smaller ants, is a subdivision of the mother colony living outdoors. The primary focus for ants may be on food from your kitchen but be warned that ants can do significant harm to wood, drywall, and other structures that can compromise the integrity of your home.

To prevent the winter ant problem, do not leave pet food outside during mealtimes because pet food contains the necessary proteins and fats that ants need to survive the winter. Seal flour, cereal, and other pantry goods in containers or seal bags. Make sure to save fruit in the refrigerator or in a sealed bag.

Make sure to vacuum and clean floors regularly as the tiniest particles of the food may attract small ants wanting to feed themselves. wipe down counters and countertops, and make sure to clean them regularly as ants leave an odour trail to inform other ants of the food source. It is best to hire a pest control company based in the Burlington Area as ants in the winter are hard to eliminate by yourself. To spare you the time and effort, it is best to rely on technicians’ years of experience through similar cases.

Ants are destructive creatures that can wreak havoc inside almost all wooden structures inside your home. The chances where the massive number of ants establishing inside your property is thus huge. It can be a financial burden to deal with if the problem is not assessed and treated early enough to permit the expansion of the colony.

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