Can You Reuse Mouse Snap Traps

Can You Reuse Mouse Snap Traps?

House mice are common in Burlington and across Ontario. They sneak into homes at night, via the cracks and openings in the walls. Mice are very small and agile, with squishy little bodies that let them squeeze through holes barely half a centimeter wide. Once indoors, they infest the walls and the floors of the home. Many homeowners struggle to find the causes of their infestations and get rid of them for good. If you’ve got a mouse problem on your hands, give us a call. We provide effective and affordable mouse control in Burlington, Ontario.

Snap traps are very useful for getting rid of mice. As soon as a mouse steps on one to feed on its bait, the trap snaps shut and breaks the animal’s nest. Though gruesome, it is one of the most humane ways to eliminate mice. The mice are gone within a split second, so they do not feel pain. Snap traps can be reused, so long as they are properly disinfected between uses. Otherwise, mice will smell the scent of the traps’ previous victims and want to avoid them. Wear disposable gloves when handling traps. Spray them with disinfectant before removing dead mice, then clean them again. Continue to wear gloves when baiting.

Tips for Getting Rid of Mice

Clean the house from top to bottom before you set traps. This will help to eliminate food sources and hiding spots. Store all food in sealed containers and don’t leave anything out overnight, even pet food. Then, use the right bait, when setting traps. Use only a pea-sized amount of peanut butter, cheese, jerky, or jelly candy. Set your traps along the walls of rooms in which there is mouse activity. If you have pets or small children, set them in as safe a location as possible. Kitchen cabinets and storage rooms are commonly infested with mice.

The next step in the extermination process is to get rid of entry points. These are all the little gaps and openings that let mice into the house. Start by putting weatherstripping to the bottoms of your doors. These gaps are often large enough to fit mice. Put some on the bottom of the garage door, as well. Then, plug weep vents with stainless steel covers. Follow that up by covering wall vents with a narrow steel mesh. Seal gaps along the edges of your soffits with caulking. Finish the exclusion by examining the walls, door frames, and window frames of your home. Seal every crack you find.

Hire a Professional to Get Rid of Mice

Finding the cause of an infestation can be very tricky. You might also find that, just as the problem seemed to have gone away, the mice in your home bounce right back. This is because it only takes 2 mice for the problem to re-occur. Contact the professionals at Pest Control Burlington if you are having trouble getting rid of mice. Our experts are licensed and experienced in getting rid of mice for good. We offer guaranteed mouse control and exclusion. Call us today if you have any questions or if you’d like to book an inspection.