Are Bed Bug Mattress Covers Effective

Are Bed Bug Mattress Covers Effective?

The short answer is yes – bed bug mattress covers are effective. But it takes more than a mattress cover to get rid of bed bugs. Bed bugs will infest any part of the bedroom. Night tables, baseboards, curtains, power outlets, and even wallpapers can house bed bugs. The only way to get rid of the bugs completely is to perform a comprehensive treatment that eliminates the bugs at every stage, in every hiding spot. Contact us today if you are facing a bed bug problem. We provide guaranteed bed bug treatments in Burlington and the Greater Toronto Area.

Bed bug mattress covers are encasements made of cloth, designed to trap bed bugs and prevent more from reaching the mattress. Bed bugs that are trapped succumb to starvation within 6 months to a year’s time. Since bed bugs are so hard to eliminate, this is a great way to get rid of some bugs with barely any effort. Moreover, protecting the mattress saves it from additional stains and damage. Bed bug mattress covers are excellent tools for getting rid of bed bugs and keeping mattresses safe. Whether you have bed bugs or not, you might want to consider adding one to your bed.

Bed bug mattresses are unfortunately not enough to get rid of bed bugs entirely. It takes a combination of things. First, hire an exterminator and he or she will treat the affected area with insecticide. For a better a more effective treatment, ask them to steam clean your mattress, too. Steam is hot enough to destroy bed bug eggs, so they don’t hatch later. Cover your mattress following treatment, then wash all your clothing in hot water and dry them at the hottest setting. Keep all your clean clothing in sealed plastic bags until you are sure that the bugs are gone.

Why hire a bed bug exterminator?

Bed bugs are incredibly tough. They have hard exoskeletons that let them hide in mattresses, under the weight of their human victims. Their flat little bodies also make it easy for them to hide, so you may have trouble finding every bug yourself. What’s worse is that bed bugs are always developing resistances to insecticides, which renders many store-bought products obsolete. It takes powerful insecticides and steam treatments from a licensed exterminator to work. Though it costs a little money, hiring a professional is the most reliable way to get rid of bed bugs.

The professionals at Pest Control Burlington are thoroughly trained and experienced in getting rid of bed bugs. They know the signs of an infestation and how to get rid of one effectively. Our services are quick, safe, and affordable. The pesticides we use get rid of bed bugs immediately, and they have residual effects that last for weeks. This means that if any more bugs emerge following treatment, they will perish as well. We offer a variety of solutions to bed bugs including pesticides, steam, heat, covers, traps, and more. Call us today if you have any questions.